Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Our Internet of Things Service Offerings

Experience the power of a connected world with our comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) services. Transform your business and unlock limitless possibilities.

Innovative IoT Application Development
  • At CreataCo, we specialize in developing IoT-driven custom apps that address real-world challenges. Our focus is on aligning business operations to deliver personalized user experiences, transforming how businesses interact with technology.
Efficient IoT Gateway Development
  • Our developers are skilled in creating IoT gateways, enabling businesses to stay ahead in competitive markets. These gateways facilitate the quick connection of various smart devices to the cloud, enhancing operational connectivity.
Wearable Device App Development
  • We build comprehensive IoT software tailored for wearable devices. This software integrates seamlessly with microcomputers and sensors, ensuring efficient functionality across multiple wearable technologies.
Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions
  • Leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks, we engineer advanced voice-enabled software solutions. These solutions are designed to enhance user interaction and streamline processes through voice commands.
Expert IoT Consulting Services
  • Our team provides insightful IoT consulting, helping you select the right platform and implement effective strategies. We assist in transforming your ideas into cutting-edge IoT applications, enhancing product functionality.
Dedicated IoT Implementation & Support
  • Understanding your business-specific needs is our priority. We offer tailored implementation and maintenance services, aimed at ensuring optimal performance and a higher return on investment for your IoT solutions.

Industry Verticals That We Serve

For many years, we are helping businesses to scale up their operational efficiency and productivity using IoT solutions across different industries.

Retail And ECommerce

To help retailers, boost their engagement and create personalized experiences, our team develops unique IoT products like smart shelves, beacons, etc.


Automate your organizational processes by leveraging our IoT development services to build data analytics platforms, fraud detection sensors, and more.

Logistics And Supply Chain

We help organizations in aligning their processes by building custom solutions like real-time intelligent warehouse management tools etc.


Our services help hospitals to create an automated healthcare environment where patients can easily connect with caregivers using smart medical devices.


Easily monitor your energy consumption, reduce any wastage, and manage energy consumption patterns by developing IoT solutions.


With next-gen IoT-driven solutions, we help farmers in enhancing their workflows, reduce wastage and boost up their yields.


Enhance automotive business performance by developing IoT-based solutions that track traffic conditions, monitor real-time fleets, etc.

Our IoT Solution Development Process

We move ahead in a consistent and efficient development process for building IoT solutions that deliver valuable outcomes and results.

Research & Analysis

We understand your business needs and define strategies to identify the right solution for your business needs.

UI/UX Designing

Visualizing the prototype and creating wireframes. Based on that we prepare a working design for the project.


By selecting the right tech stack, we build the solutions by integrating all the required features & APIs.

Quality Assurance

We perform various manual and functional testing practices, to ensure 100% bug-free solution delivery.

Deployment & Maintenance

We deploy the project on a suitable platform or server. Additionally, offer maintenance service to make it bug-free.

Business Benefits of Using IoT Development Services

Transform your business’ operational efficiency by leveraging the potential of IoT-based smart devices.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Process automation, asset monitoring, real-time data gathering, etc. all together helps in streamlining operations and optimizing resources.

Improved Security

Protect data from cyber threats using IoT-enabled sensors that help in detecting irregularities, and providing earning warnings to detect potential hazards.

Flexibility and Scalability

IoT devices can easily help businesses to adapt and scale up their operations by adding new devices, accommodating raised data volumes, or integrating additional systems.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Businesses can simply control and monitor business operations and assets in real-time using IoT-based solutions without marking the real-time presence.

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