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Our Featured Cloud Solutions

CreataCo is your technology partner that helps enterprises and organizations across diverse verticals and geographical locations to solve their cloud computing challenges.

End-to-End Cloud Implementation Strategy
  • As your end-to-end cloud partner, we offer extensive cloud advisory and management services. Our support guides businesses in developing the best cloud strategies, ensuring optimal security and efficient cloud administration.
Cloud Application Services for Enterprises
  • CreataCo’s Cloud Application Services assist enterprises in migrating, managing, and monitoring applications on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms. Our focus is on driving flexibility and efficiency in your cloud operations.
Advanced Cloud Management Services
  • Our cloud management services encompass forecast and trends reporting, disaster recovery, and automation with DevOps. These services are crucial for protecting your cloud assets and ensuring minimal downtimes.
DevOps as a Service for Enhanced Performance
  • Improve your business efficiency and ROI with our expert DevOps engineering services. Our approach is geared towards delivering applications at high velocity, enhancing overall performance.
Seamless Cloud Migration Services
  • We ensure a fast and cost-effective transition to the cloud with minimal impact on your business operations. As a trusted cloud migration partner, we work with leading public cloud providers to facilitate a smooth migration process.
Customized Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation
  • From developing cloud infrastructure to designing cloud data centers, we build customized cloud solutions that align with your specific business needs and requirements.

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

Our team of experts provides cost-effective and secure cloud infrastructure along with optimal cloud strategies to help you achieve your desired business results.

Amazon Consulting Services

CreataCo is your end-to-end Amazon web services developer that assists you to deploy a scalable application using EC2, Microservices using lambda, and data storage application using the S3 bucket and helps you leverage the entire AWS suite of cloud services.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

CreataCo offers a whole suite of Azure Consulting Services to integrate cloud-based solutions & services. Our expert team helps you build enterprise-grade Azure solutions for your business by leveraging Azure IoT and Data Analytics, Azure PaaS development, Azure Adoption, and Migration.

Google Cloud Services

CreataCo is an agile cloud system integrator that offers a complete suite of cloud computing services. Our certified specialists help you to set up your instance in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and make your application market-ready.

Why Choose Cloud for Your Business?

Cloud migration can be a great choice for companies of all sizes, as it can help increase efficiency and security. Here’s the reason why:


Easily set up accounts from managing to using administrative portals. All without installing software and paying any minimal fee monthly for access.

Disaster Recovery

Even if there is a hardware or software failure, the effective cloud disaster recovery provides continuity for services.

Reliability And Security

Cloud software provides security & reliability features including data encryption, access control, disaster recovery, load balancing and more.

Improved Customer Experience

Cloud computing offers tools and services that provide On-demand access to products and services, complete customer control, and customized experiences.

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