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Our Digital Engineering Service Offerings

CreataCo is your digital product engineering services partner throughout the entire product development lifecycle right from ideation to market release and beyond.

Comprehensive Tech Consultation
  • Our tech consultants at CreataCo diligently analyze your business needs. They develop strategies to craft the most suitable digital solutions, ensuring they align with and benefit your business objectives.
Software Product Architecting
  • Our experts assess your IT infrastructure and needs, using advanced tools and technologies. We focus on building scalable and robust software that delivers smooth and reliable performance.
Product Experience Design
  • Our UI/UX professionals are adept at understanding the specifics of your business. They stay abreast of the latest industry trends to create intuitive, responsive designs that enhance user experience and engagement.
Contextual Content Delivery
  • CreataCo’s content creators excel in delivering contextual and relevant content. This approach is key to enhancing your product’s quality, generating brand awareness, and building customer loyalty.
Product Prototyping
  • Leveraging the latest market insights and research, we develop software prototypes. These prototypes are crucial for validating, iterating, and optimizing the software to meet its intended requirements effectively.
Digital Product Development
  • Our developers utilize the latest technologies to build everything from basic digital products to advanced solutions. We also specialize in evolving MVPs into full-fledged, feature-rich digital products.
Quality Engineering
  • At CreataCo, we implement rigorous quality engineering practices. These practices are designed to eliminate potential issues early and prepare the product to compete effectively in its market from the outset.
Product Transformation & Re-Engineering
  • We use cutting-edge tools and our extensive technological expertise to upgrade legacy software. Our focus is on re-engineering processes, improving UI/UX, and enhancing the overall return on investment for your product.
Product Support & Maintenance
  • Our commitment extends beyond development to ongoing support and maintenance. We ensure your software remains secure, bug-free, and updated with the latest features and trends.

Our Digital Product Engineering Process

Our developers use world-class tools & follow standard development processes to offer quality & maintain transparency with our clients.

Product Ideation & Conceptualization

We design the strategy that determines the points of business enhancement and clearly outlines the brand’s USP and the impact it will make on customers’ lives.

  • Research the competition
  • Define the business goals
  • Define features to meet business goals
Design & Prototype Engineering

We shape your app idea into a project by defining use cases and functionalities, and then preparing a product roadmap and designing. This helps us create a minimum viable product.

  • Structure the layout of functionalities
  • Wireframing & interactive prototyping
  • Information architecture & workflows
Product Software Development

In this stage, the app designs start getting functional to build an MVP of a complete solution. We select the technologies and integrate features that make your app most desirable.

  • Define the technology stack
  • Development of an MVP
  • Front-end and back-end development
Design & Delivery

Here we make your app stable, secure, and bug-free. Our QA team produces test cases that help us to perform tests and track fixes.

  • User experience testing
  • Function, performance & security testing
  • Device and platform testing
Deployment & Customer Support

We deploy your native iOS and Android app on their respective platforms like App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Prepare the metadata
  • Submission of the code to stores
  • Support & performance monitoring
Product Sustenance

To keep the product running without any glitches or security issues, we regularly update the product by introducing the latest functionalities and taking respective security measures without hampering the ongoing processes.

  • Regular updates & maintenance
  • Deploy changes
  • Monitor ongoing operations regularly

Why Prefer Digital Product Engineering?

Digital Product Engineering supports innovative & user-centric product development that enhances customer experience & helps to remain competitive.

Innovative Products

Supports innovative product development that helps new business ideas to achieve their unique objectives.

Boost Efficiency

The customized digital product focuses on fulfilling core competencies which boost business operations & productivity.

High Scalability

It enables custom product development that supports businesses to design a futuristic and scalable product.

Enhance Flexibility

Businesses can build robust and scalable products by focusing on their core competencies and achieving business objectives.

Why Choose CreataCo for Digital Product Engineering?

By choosing us as your product engineering service provider, we are a committed tech differentiator that will maximize the success of your product and people.

Seamless UI/UX

We have an experienced team of UI/UX designers that can effortlessly blend user-centric impact, experience, and usability in the digital product.

DevOps Engineers

Our team of DevOps experts ensures the smooth development of the product by taking care of efficient testing, maintenance, and support.

Surpass Our Boundaries

For creative and innovative designing, we don’t limit ourselves to technologies & trends. We adopt a relatively unique approach & design strategies for that.

Powerful Analytics

We exercise advanced analytics tools to filter out the details to monitor and manage the system’s performance.

Robust Execution Framework

Our expert developers harness the power of designing, developing, and IP-driven accelerators to build advanced digital solutions.

Prioritize Client’s Demand

To build a business-oriented excellent solution, we follow a basic rule of understanding our client’s vision and business approach.

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