Digital Modernization & Transformation Services

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Our Digital Modernization Service Offerings

CreataCo embraces cloud & effective methodologies, integrating them into a modern IT ecosystem with developers & cross-industry expertise.

Cloud-Driven Architecture Modernization
  • At CreataCo, our developers set clear objectives and employ microservices and modernization architecture strategies. This includes transitioning from monolithic structures to microservices and cloud architectures, integral for modern IT ecosystems.
Technology Modernization Expertise
  • Our technology modernization experts specialize in micro-frontends, cloud development, and JavaScript migration to progressive web apps (PWA) and single-page applications (SPA). We also focus on server-side modernization to keep up with evolving tech trends.
UI/UX Modernization for Enhanced Engagement
  • Our UI/UX modernization team is adept at adopting the latest design trends. We aim to create engaging and visually appealing products that not only boost user engagement but also add significant business value.
Integration Modernization Services
  • Leveraging our expertise in enterprise integration, we deliver personalized experiences. This includes communication protocol integration, third-party app integration, and API/SDK integration, ensuring seamless connectivity within your IT infrastructure.
Data Engineering and AI Implementation
  • Employing AI-powered data architectures, CreataCo facilitates real-time decision-making. We focus on accelerating data modernization and product customization, utilizing AI’s potential to enhance business processes.
Product Re-engineering for Market Competitiveness
  • We specialize in enhancing legacy products with new features and performance optimizations. Our product re-engineering services are designed to enable faster speed-to-market, ensuring your products remain competitive and relevant.

Our Digital Modernization Process

We follow a unified digital modernization process to align the steps more closely based on your current business needs.


We understand your business needs to gain clarity on modernization needs and clear business outcomes to plan things accordingly and deliver insightful results.


We define the most suitable and accurate solution for app modernization and manage all the required team resources accordingly.


Now, our team assesses and drafts a digital transformation plan with guided strategies to define the development process.


By executing the planned strategies to achieve the goals, we modernize your legacy app and extend the required assistance.

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Benefits of Digital Modernization Solutions

Fasten your business operations and business growth by modernizing your legacy solutions to enhance user experience and grab new opportunities.

Innovative Releases

Emerge stronger by modernizing your system with innovative releases & infuse a new confident quality into your business.

Minimize Operational Costs

Reduce infrastructure and support operational expenses by improving overall business efficiency and operations.

Gain Competitive Edge

To gain a competitive edge introduce new features to grab the evolving market and tap into new opportunities.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Platform modernization can help your business retain existing customers and increase brand loyalty.

Why Choose CreataCo  for Product Modernization?

Here are our key differentiators that enable quick and efficient application modernization and make CreataCo the most reliable partner.

Low Business Disruption

No alterations to existing assets and legacy code throughout the migration process.

Selective Refactoring

Enables organizations to mitigate risks by carrying out application refactoring to selective groups.

Surpass Our Boundaries

For creative and innovative designing, we don’t limit ourselves to technologies & trends. We adopt a relatively unique approach & design strategies for that.

Faster Time to Market

Our quick and efficient managed cloud services help clients to faster time to market and achieve greater business agility.

On-Time Delivery

We use a highly adaptable, scalable, and visual tool suite to achieve speed to value and reduce run costs.

Digital-first Business

We help your business increase velocity, innovation, and scalability by adopting digital-first approach. We provide the right skills, cultural alignment for a long-term transformation.

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