DevOps Services and Solutions

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Our DevOps Service Offerings

We strive for best-in-class DevOps Services & Solutions that enhance business abilities and minimize development expenses.

Strategic Roadmap and Planning
  • We collaborate with clients to create a strategic DevOps roadmap. This roadmap is key to ensuring successful project development, streamlined processes, and enhanced performance.
DevOps Maturity Audits
  • Our DevOps experts conduct thorough project maturity assessments. They identify process gaps, provide tool inventory, and key performance indicators (KPIs), all while ensuring reliable automation and release pipeline management.
Technology, Tools, and Services
  • We recommend and utilize top industry tools, platforms, and services. This approach enables seamless integration and delivery of exceptional digital experiences to customers.
Automation Implementation
  • Our engineers are skilled in providing automated solutions and Agile tool deployment. This helps in driving continuous innovation and delivering high-performing solutions.
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Services
  • We offer CI/CD services that enhance code management, debugging, and updates. This is tailored to match the technological needs of your business model.
Mobile App DevOps Services
  • Our DevOps services for mobile apps focus on continuous development and deployment. We aim to foster innovation, reduce risk, and ensure high-quality product delivery.
Microservices Management
  • Utilizing tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and ECS, our DevOps engineers break applications into smaller services. This strategy increases app productivity and quality.
Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Build Services
  • CreataCo offers IaC services, employing automation tools to manage cloud services efficiently. This is done with a focus on security and agility.
Legacy System Modernization
  • Our approach to modernizing legacy systems involves intelligent automation. We focus on re-engineering and rebuilding to improve operations and processes.
Infrastructure Security Audit
  • We conduct comprehensive cloud security audits to ensure compliance, privacy, and risk management, leveraging advanced tools for enhanced security.
Automated Security Audits
  • Our DevSecOps experts specialize in automated security audits. They evaluate aspects like access control, activity logs, and regulatory compliance.
Security Implementation
  • Experienced DevOps engineers at CreataCo design and implement secure configurations using appropriate security tools and infrastructure.

Our Development-To-Operations Approach

At CreataCo, we adopt the following DevOps process to achieve goals faster, more efficient app production that boosts businesses’ capabilities.

Assessment & Planning

We analyze business specifics and plan further processes accordingly.

  • Requirement Understanding
  • Analyze current IT infrastructure
  • Problem Definition
  • Identifying Areas of Improvement
  • Set Goals, Objectives and Targets
Identify Impact & Design Roadmap

We study solutions from multiple aspects and then prepare the most feasible roadmap for hassle-free development.

  • Testing Security Vulnerabilities
  • Operational Impact Analysis
  • Tech Specs and Retest
  • Design Framework and Roadmap
Development & Testing

It’s the building block of any project, where we follow a CI/CD approach to deploy the solution quickly and error-free.

  • Define best practices
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Build, Integrate & Testing
  • Seamless Deployment
Security Integration

To enhance the data security and maintain the code quality we carry out a detailed security scrutiny.

  • Automating Security
  • Analyzing Code
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Continuous Feedback
Final Delivery

To deploy a reliable solution, we maintain high standards and ensure to deploy a futuristic solution.

  • Robust
  • Less TCO
  • Scalable & Reliable
  • High Performance

Our DevOps Team & Their Expertise

Our DevOps team comprises different experts, here defining their key roles and responsibilities to achieve performance benchmarks.

Business Analysts & SCRUM Masters

Our BA & Scrum experts analyze your business needs, define processes, and ensure to organize the entire process.

DevOps & Test Engineers

Our experts keep track of codes, debugging, & testing cases under various environments to maintain & update the project.

Infrastructure Engineer

Our engineers work with system operators & developers to configure, maintain & monitor product releases.

Operational Specialist

The Operational Specialists boost efficiency by optimizing maintenance, monitoring operations & perform issue management.

Why CreataCo Is Your Best Choice for DevOps Services?

Our team possesses varied expertise that helps us to build long-term relationships with our high-end clients.


Enhanced Security

Automated compliance policies, precise controls, & configuration management techniques help to keep the solution secure and compliant.

Fast Execution

Efficient Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) helps in agile development and faster process execution.

Fully Automated

Automation and consistency help easy management of dynamic and complex systems and faster the development process with reduced risk.

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