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Our MVP Development Services

Takeaway jaw-dropping iOS app development expertise that drives sales.

Prototype Design / Proof of Concept Development
  • Our skilled design engineers craft presentable prototypes that accurately capture your project’s vision, enabling you to effectively showcase your ideas to customers and investors.
Single Feature MVP
  • At CreataCo, we focus on developing an MVP that addresses the primary problem effectively. By concentrating on a single, impactful feature, we ensure the product’s viability and market relevance.
Comprehensive MVP Development
  • We develop a fully-featured, usable first version of your product, termed version 1.0. Our team provides full support throughout all stages of the project, from ideation and planning to the MVP release.
MVP to Full-Scale Product Transformation
  • Our developers analyze your MVP’s performance and details, formulating strategies to scale it into a complete, robust product. We assist in prioritizing key aspects, creating a development roadmap, and planning efficient scaling.
MVP Improvement
  • Following the initial product launch, we focus on creating a strategy for improvement. Our approach includes refining and customizing the MVP, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), and evolving it into a fully developed product.
MVP Consulting
  • Our team of qualified engineers and business analysts provides comprehensive support in conceptualizing your idea. We help define essential functionality and select the most suitable technology stack for developing your MVP software.

MVP Development Process We Follow

Creating an array of steps including customer journey, operations, and road mapping. Our process includes actions that deliver on sustainable goals.

Ideation And Research

You’ve got an app idea; we propose questions, seek details and create a user story. This user story helps us identify the features and unlock the basic navigation pattern.


We create wireframes and interactive low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for brainstorming and planning. This helps us to identify problems before they arise.

UI/UX Design

This is the stage where our designers will make stylistic choices to represent colors, fonts, design elements, and micro-interactions at their best. And to design it, user empathy is what sets us apart.

App Development

We follow an agile development process – short sprints- with a timebox of max 2 weeks each. This lowers the scope of daily discussions and delivers quality-rich features.

App Testing

For your review purpose, we set up the app for usability testing within a limited group. This testing helps us identify bugs and gaps in the end product.

Deployment And Launch

We handle the entire Play Store app submission process including the app listing, description, and more. On the basis of the proposal, we also offer App Store optimization services.

Why Should You Hire MVP Development Team?

MVP Development has several benefits for startups as well as SME’s trying to test their product in market. The proactive approach by MVP reduces the likelihood of product failure and increases the chances of long-term success.

Quick Validation Of Concept

MVP development allows you to swiftly test your product idea, gathering crucial feedback early on and validating the concept’s viability in the market.

Cost-Efficient Approach

MVPs focus on essential features, reducing initial investment and avoiding unnecessary expenses on non-essential functionalities.

Accelerated Time To Market

MVPs prioritize core functionalities, enabling quicker market entry for a competitive edge and seizing opportunities.

Risk Mitigation And Failure Prevention

MVPs help identify potential issues early, reducing the risk of building a product that doesn’t resonate with the market and increases the likelihood of long-term success.

Why CreataCo Is Your Best Choice for MVP App Development?

CreataCo is your reliable, full-cycle software development partner who uses industry best practices to design, develop, deploy and maintain software.

Creative Thinkers

We are dedicated and committed tech experts backed by industry specifics and software-driven planning with a product mindset.

Focus on Scalability

We aim at designing a simplified and more flexible app platform that easily adapts to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients.

Fuelling Startups

We aspire to support startups with lots of growth potential. Our aim is to speed up your business and make them generate ROI as early as possible.

Cross-Functional Team

We excel in serving up to your expectations with our innovative minds of business analysts, UI/UX Designers, front-end/back-end developers, projects managers & QAs.

Top Tier Talent

Every single member of our team goes rigorously through the process of selection and interview and after checking their skills on every scale and parameter, our team is created.

Transparency & Accountability

We maintain the transparency by making accurate information available to all our clients. We ensure that every aspect of work, scope, and update is shared in a timely manner.

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