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Our Quality Assurance Service Offerings

Discover our exclusive set of next-gen quality assurance service offerings that helps in accelerating speed-to-market.

Core Testing Services
  • At CreataCo, we offer Core Testing Services that are backed by the right blend of skills and experience. This service complements our domain and technical expertise, ensuring robust testing of your software solutions.
Digital Testing
  • Our Digital Testing services are focused on maintaining the quality of applications and their workflows. This testing is essential for supporting digital transformation and delivering an excellent customer experience.
Specialized Testing for Enterprise Applications
  • We provide specialized Quality Assurance (QA) and testing services tailored for enterprise applications. Our approach addresses the complexities of these applications by using advanced technologies for thorough testing.
Software Security Assessment
  • Security is a crucial aspect of our testing services. We conduct comprehensive software security testing to improve IT risk management and eliminate vulnerabilities before the software is deployed.
Data Quality Assurance
  • Recognizing the importance of data accuracy and quality, our services focus on ensuring the integrity of your data. This is critical for strategic decision-making and predictive analysis at the executive level.
Test Consulting for Digital Transformation
  • CreataCo aids enterprises in accelerating their digital transformation journey. We provide test consulting services that enable faster market entry and real-time quality engineering, enhancing the overall efficiency of your digital projects.

Our Quality Engineering Automated Testing Capabilities

From creating an optimized testing plan to post-production support, At CreataCo we take full responsibility for end-to-end automated testing services.

Automated Functional Testing

We assess your app’s fitness and validate if all the software requirements are met.

Mobile Functional & UI Testing

We automate native Android, iOS, cross-platform, web apps and hybrid applications to give users the best user experience.

Desktop Application Testing

We examine the quality of the app on the desktop OS and systems with different configurations.

Performance Testing

Evaluate the speed, performance, responsiveness, and stability of your software program under various workloads.

Database Testing

We validate the integrity of the storage and transfer of your enterprises’ vital resources to ensure data stability and security.

Our QA Automated Testing Capabilities

We follow a collaborative testing process in an agile environment with structured project communications to perform automated testing.

Functional Testing

Our functional testing services includes unit, integration, system, user acceptance testing for mobile, web, & desktop application.

Usability Testing

Based on ISO standards, we resolve the UX issues to assure a greater user experience from the end-user perspective.

Development & Testing

We provide Mobile, Web and API security testing to make your app resistant to security threats and vulnerabilities.

Compliance Testing

Approve your products faster and get to market quickly with our compliance testing services and regulatory guidance.

Database Testing

Our QA experts verify & maintain the data integrity while your data is transferred from the legacy system to the new system.

Our QA & Automation Testing Stages

We follow a collaborative workflow and agile process to implement testing automation and maintain the quality of the product from the initial stage to post-deployment.

Security and Compliance Testing

We identify the potential threats and vulnerabilities in your software and prevent it from malicious attacks and intruders.

Software Validation

Post development process, we perform validation testing to ensure that all the functions are performing accurately and are meeting all the requirements.

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate your product’s performance under different rigorous environments and verify its stability and scalability under multiple user loads.

Quality and UX Audit

Firstly, our QA experts analyze your product’s user interface and formulate a plan to achieve a pleasant and consistent user experience.

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