UI/UX Design & Development

Drawing a wireframe

Our UI & UX Design Service Offerings

Our UI/UX professionals and graphic designers build products from scratch as well as improve UI/UX and design of existing digital solutions or create new brand identity.

UI/UX Web Design
  • CreataCo’s expert designers specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences that shape your brand identity. We focus on enriching user interaction and engagement to elevate your web presence.
UI/UX Mobile Design
  • Our skilled designers at CreataCo create modern and innovative designs for all screen sizes and platforms. Our designs align with your business needs, promoting increased business reach across various mobile environments.
Visual Design
  • We have expert designers dedicated to building visually appealing, scalable, and risk-free solutions. Our templates and designs are crafted to align with your evolving business requirements.
Interaction Design
  • Hire our expert designers to create user-focused designs that build instant connections with users. We leverage both basic and trendy interfaces to ensure a captivating and intuitive user experience.
Design Testing
  • At CreataCo, we develop well-researched and code-compatible designs across different platforms. Our approach is tailored to fulfill our clients’ business demands, enhancing the potential for business growth.
UI & UX Consulting
  • Our designers thoroughly analyze and study business personas to craft innovative solutions. We focus on designs that integrate seamlessly with Android and iOS platforms, employing smart designing techniques to ensure effectiveness.

Our UI/UX Designing Process

We understand business requirements & address the facts that every business seeks an attractive UI & mesmerize UX. To deliver an astonishing solution, we follow a guided & well-researched approach to achieve the best results:


In this initial phase, designers study the business’s goals, revenue model, target audience, and various other aspects.

Then, designers perform market study and analyze competitor’s business specifics in terms of colors, layouts, and other details to understand their user experience and retention rate to formulate their strategies.


Based on the market and business study, designers prepare wireframes of screens in the app to depict user journeys.

After that, the wireframes help to design a clickable prototype to analyze the user experience and make required updates, if needed.

Visual Style

Before the final UI development, the designers craft two-three visual ideas of a screen to show the client how their digital solution will look and they can choose any of the styles.

The client can even make suggestions for the chosen design in terms of colors, fonts, and other graphic elements.

Design & Delivery

Now, the final product design takes place. Designers follow all the suggested guidelines with reference to the finalized design sample.

Then designers prepare the final UI for all the screens required in the app based on the finalized wireframe by integrating all the suggested designs, icons, colors, fonts, logos, and other design elements.

Once all the screens are done and finalized, the design is passed on to the development stage along with the icons and all the integrated graphic elements design requires.

A Canvas

Get Engaging Experiences With Immersive Designs.

We follow a holistic design approach, including essential elements and devising strategies that yield profitable results.

Business Oriented Design

We build design intending to add value to your business by offering an interactive experience with an aesthetic appeal to build a trustable relationship among customers.

Innovative Thinkers

Every client and their business demands are unique – to accomplish that our designers think unusually for each client to deliver unique user experience.

Design Personalized Customer Experience

To promote engagement and enhance user experience, we craft highly-personalized experiences in the designed solutions.

Usability & User-Oriented Design

Our creative designing team always aims to build solutions that fulfil users’ goals, objectives, and requirements at every designing phase.

Why CreataCo Is Your Best Choice for UI & UX Designing Services?

Take your business to the next level by hiring our expert designers and leveraging our world-class UI/UX design services.

International Design Standards

We set our high standards of design by following international quality standards. Rest our work speaks for itself to grab global response.

Client-Centric Approach

For us, clients and their requirements are always the priority. Hence, we always seek for best and most effective ways to improve their experience with the aptest solution delivery.

Surpass Our Boundaries

For creative and innovative designing, we don’t limit ourselves to technologies & trends. We adopt a relatively unique approach & design strategies for that.

Dedicated Teams

For delivering high-quality results within specified timeframes, we offer skilled professionals exclusively working on your projects with focused attention and close-knit collaboration.

Futuristic Result Delivery

Our designers conduct detailed research to understand the market & create strategies that support building a futuristic solution with improved ROI.

Prioritize Client’s Demand

To build a business-oriented excellent solution, we follow a basic rule of understanding our client’s vision and business approach.

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